which of the following should be supported by technology

Which of the following should be supported by technology?

The question you’re asking Which of the following should be supported by technology? The options provided focus on various facets of IT infrastructure and service management:

  1. Verification of Configuration Management System (CMS) Data: This involves ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data within a CMS, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of IT services.
  2. Control of User Desktops: This refers to managing and overseeing the desktop environments of users, which can include software deployments, updates, and security measures.
  3. Creation and Use of Diagnostic Scripts: Diagnostic scripts are tools used to identify and troubleshoot issues within IT systems. Their creation and application are vital for maintaining system health and efficiency.
  4. Visibility of Overall IT Service Performance: This is about having a clear and comprehensive view of how IT services are performing, which is key to managing service quality and user satisfaction.

The correct answer, “All of the above,” indicates that each of these aspects is important and should be supported by technology in a well-rounded IT management strategy. By integrating these elements, organizations can ensure more effective management and oversight of their IT infrastructure, leading to improved performance, security, and user experience.

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