NYT Connections today: See hints and answers for December 23

NYT Connections today: See hints and answers for December 23

NYT Connections today

The newest word game that the public is interested in playing from the New York Times is called Connections. The object of the game is to identify “common threads between words.” Similar to Wordle, Connections resets each midnight, and each new set of words becomes increasingly difficult. For this reason, we’ve provided some pointers and advice to help you get beyond the obstacle.

You can skip to the conclusion of this post for the December 23 Connections solution if all you want to know is today’s problem. However, if you’d prefer to figure things out on your own, continue reading for some hints, techniques, and ideas.

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What is Connections?

The newest word game from the NYT is trending on social media. The Times attributes the creation of the new word game and its introduction to the newspapers’ Games section to associate puzzle editor Wyna Liu. The objective of Connections, which can be played on mobile devices and computer browsers, is for players to form groups of four related words.

There are sixteen words in each puzzle, and there are four categories for each group of words. Anything from software names to book titles to nation names could be included in these sets. There is only one right response, despite the fact that several words will appear to go together. A set of four words is eliminated from the board if all four words in the set are correctly answered. If a player makes a mistake in their guess, they can make up to four mistakes before the game ends.

Additionally, players can mix and rearrange the board to facilitate link detection. Every group is also color-coded, with yellow being the easiest and green, blue, and purple following. You can share the outcomes with your friends on social media, just like with Wordle.

Here’s a hint for today’s Connections categories

Without knowing the categories, would you like a hit about them? Then try these out:

  • Yellow: Travel options
  • Green: To assist
  • Blue: Merely a tsp
  • Purple: Berries Types

Here are today’s Connections categories

Want a bit more assistance? The links of today can be divided into the following groups:

  • Yellow: Modes of Transportation
  • Green: Ready to Take Part
  • Blue: A Tiny Amount, Within A Recipe
  • ___Purple: Berry

What is today’s response to Connections?

  • Modes of Transportation: BOAT, CAR, AIRCRAFT, MOTORCYCLE
  • Open to Involvement: DOWN, GAME, IN, ON BOARD
  • In A Recipe, A Tiny Amount: DASH, DROP, PINCH, SPLASH
  • ___Berry: RASP, STRAW, GOOSE, BLUE

If you were unable to correctly guess it this time, don’t be discouraged. Tomorrow, we’ll have more Connections for you to challenge your intellect, and we’ll be returning to provide you more advice.

How do the puzzle categories relate to the answers?

The categories provide a theme that links the answers. For example, in the “Means of Transportation” category, all the answers (Boat, Car, Plane, Train) are different types of vehicles. Understanding the theme helps in grouping the words correctly.

What strategy can be used to solve the puzzle more effectively?

A good strategy is to start with the category you find easiest, as it can help in eliminating some options for the other categories. Also, remember that some words might seem to fit in more than one category, so it’s important to consider all possible connections.

Are there any common themes in the NYT Connections puzzles? 

Yes, the NYT Connections puzzles often have common themes like types of food, categories of objects, or descriptive adjectives. Familiarizing yourself with past puzzles can give you an idea of the types of connections to look for.